Meditation for the Modern Mystic 12 Week Comprehensive Online Course

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Meditation for the Modern Mystic 12 Week Comprehensive Online Course
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Meditation For the Modern Mystic

Welcome to Meditation according to Karma!

I had a difficult journey beginning my mediation practice.  I up and decided one day that I was going to meditate.  It had crossed my mind that I should probably stretch myself and attempt to broaden my perspective and enhance my psychic abilities.  I had heard all of the urban legends about diet decalcifying the third eye and meditation being the key.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I committed and here we are.

When I began my study, I had no “budget” for it, so the beginnings were online searches and asking around.  What I found was confusing, contradictory and sometimes dogmatic.  The programs I found were expensive, the training difficult and most of the time there was language used that felt way over my head.  But I had committed and for any of you that know me, knows that usually entails a deep dive.

I studied and tried everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.  I tried different positions, tools and breathwork. I studied chakras, ohms, mudras and mantras.  I took up Yoga.  I bought singing bowls and meditation mats, chairs and bolsters. I read up on Chakras and the energy body.  I did a wander into symbols and sacred geometry.  I played with it all.

This course is the result of those years of practice and research.  I pulled every thread until I unraveled the tapestry and looked at all its moving parts.  I aim for simplicity.  If I can’t understand it, I can’t explain it.

What I learned is that Meditation is a practice of discipline.  Like mathematics or yoga, there is a depth here that I was not expecting.  There is as much variety in ways to meditate as there are possibilities and potential.  Once I began, I realized that this is a lifetime endeavor.  I can explore meditation in so many ways that it can be mind boggling, however, there are some core elements that are universal.  It is these universal truths that I will be working with.  

Understand that you can go as deep and far as you want to with this, yet there is a simplicity that also allows for it to be basic and integral to everyday life.  I find it is the simplest things that bring the most profound results.

My goal is to help you become familiar with terms, understand the energy body, give you some techniques and tools to work with, teach you the value of discipline, provide some hacks and perspectives that are game changing “cheats” and to generally encourage you to literally try ANYTHING.

Had I known the true value of meditation, I would have started much sooner.  I often think about what it would have been like had I been able to teach this emotional intelligence to my children and what power it would have brought to them in their maturity. Helping them navigate their emotions versus their financial future seems to be more valuable than anything I could have said about the opposite sex, religion or money, for it applies universally.

We will discuss each chakra in the aura system, along with behaviors that coincide with each to show you their balance or blockage.  I will describe ways to position yourself for immaculate alignment and enhance the ability of the body to communicate clearly and how to identify those movements within your body.  We will go over breathing techniques that give you a foundational approach to the rhythms within your body.  I will describe the value of proprioception as your super power and teach you to access this information. We will discuss Ohms, Mantras and Mudras and their benefits and WHY we use them in scientific terms that make it valuable to you and the confidence to try them.  We will discuss the potential for opening the self to the discovery of your own claire’s (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience,  telepathy, etc.) and to setting some goals to achieve such as accessing the akashic records, astral travel, past life regression, timeline shifting, ancestor connections and accessing your guides and so much more.   And finally, I will give you some ideas for ritual practice to enhance your journey and create ceremonial space in which to practice. 

My best advice is this: Trust Yourself. Trust yourself implicitly and begin.  Commit to giving yourself the space to explore this and I promise you, it will be rewarded in spades! Just trust yourself, and BEGIN!  Let’s get it!

Caminand – Walk with me. – Karma                                                                                                                  

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