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Intuitive Healer, Psychic, Master of Sacred Sound, Ceremonial Drum Maker, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, Instructor

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Hi! Welcome to Karma On Deck!

I’m Karma.

I am a life long psychic with over 33 years of experience reading Tarot.  I am a Master of Sacred Sound and Ceremonial Drum maker.  I host ceremonies and drum making workshops as well as energy clearing sessions. 

As an intuitive healer, this legacy began with psychic abilities at an early age.  I literally hit my head at 3 years old and that activated visions and clairvoyance that my catholic family never wanted to talk about. Many years later, reading Tarot and studying Hellenistic astrology were natural extensions as I sought to study this phenomenon. 

Years into my spiritual practice I became an NLP Practitioner as I discovered how in depth some of the material during readings became. Neuro Linguistic Programming is a perfect solution for action.  It offers real techniques and hacks for immediate improvement.  I prefer it over traditional therapy because the story doesn’t matter when you apply simple skills to behavior modification. I prefer spiritual mentorship and strategy along with the energy work over simply providing basic psychic readings. 

Looking to maximize my psychic abilities, I began a disciplined meditation practice.  Of everything that I had read to enhance these abilities, meditation was the one principle that assists best in opening the third eye and decalcifying the pineal gland.

A deep dive into meditation grew into a 12 week comprehensive Meditation course.  I wasn’t finding what I was looking for online or in live courses that cost a fortune.  The course is the result of 6 years of in depth study.  I sought to master these abilities and I approached meditation like an athlete with the most discipline I’ve ever pulled up within me.  I was desperate to manage wayward thoughts and better direct both the content and direction of my visions.   

This meditation course is a result of that study.  No single thing, up to and including diet and plant medicine, has given me as profound of results. This is why I teach that there are no shortcuts, that mastery requires discipline and all is required is to begin.  You will do more for your emotional intelligence through meditation than any other activity you can do.  I encourage you to begin. 

My spiritual practice has turned into a mixed martial arts combination of many different modalities. The missing link was the Ceremonial Drum.  As a Master of Sacred Sound and Ceremonial Drum maker, I am unique in that I mingle these different modalities in any combination I can to get results.  I offer intuitive readings with purpose.  Both questions and the answer.   I offer my experience on the path so you can better choose yours. Transformational coaching utilizing Sacred Sound, the Ceremonial Drum, Intuitive healing and psychic abilities runs the gamut of skill set to get to exactly where you want to go on your spiritual path.

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So, I came to Karma as a referral and I had never been or knew much about how things work. She blew my mind with how accurate and insightful she was!! She got to the heart of the matter and gave such a good perspectve tht the anxiety I had over the situation completely resolved. My favorite thing is she can relate and she doesn’t pull any punches. She cracks me up with her analogies. I highly reccommend you give her a try! Money well spent!




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