I am going to say this only once.

And then we will be moving on, Mmmkaay??!

Love me or hate me, I mean it.

I see a lot of practitioners with opinions on the path you should take.

Whether you should be vegan and eat super clean (the cleaner the vessel the clearer the message, just sayin)…

or avoid alcohol…

Or weed…

To use plant medicine or DON’T YOU DARE!…

Which items to use or not use or whether you’re permitted to…


trainings…”who trained you to do energy work?” (Duh its inside us)…

Yoga…(uhmmmm I WANT to…best begin)

What tools you should have (all the crystals and bowls and herbs and altars)…

It goes All the way down to “witch” spiritual dogma you follow (I said what I said)…

I see a lot of talk.

And I see a lot of…




ok now I’m judging.

But am I?

There is a huge difference between being judgemental and having good judgMENT.

I have one piece of advice for you.

Stop “shoulding” on each other.

I’ve got a news flash for you:

Enlightenment happens where you’re at.

I promise you.

So for those of you who are out there finding yourself inspired by some of these practices yet scared to begin or think there is so much to do to get there I say …


Begin where you are inspired.

If you find a diet change inspires you, then a clean body is set to receive.

If you are inspired to read, your mind expands.

If meditation is your kick (praise all things holy and hallelujah there’s the first key 🔑!) you activate your 3rd eye 👁.

You go to a ceremony and utilize plant medicine (hopefully with a vetted, KNOWN, EXPERIENCED shaman) you begin to seeeee.

If you are inspired by astrology you will see the patterns in life.

Tarot? The path of human kind and growth and hope for humanity.

I could go on.

I know because these are the things I did, little by little. I turned a lot of corners. Went underground. Hunted the internet and asked a million questions and the most common thread was that I listened to that voice in my head.

Yes. That’s who I’m telling you to listen to.

Your SELF!

PRACTICE meditation, please.

Give it a try.

Find that voice.

Listen to it carefully and nurture it.

The energy ahead is going to be tricky. Your you needs you.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk LOL I didn’t mean to rant.

I was reading a respected friend write posts lately and I loved what he said and am inspired by his content but there was a thread in there that the way he communicated made me feel like I was not good enough for spirituality. I felt judgement in the way he conveyed his message. The fear of not doing enough. That I don’t DESERVE and will never attain that level of spiritual attainment without any of the things he listed.

So not true.

The point and purpose is that you decide.

And that you begin…




If I had not listened, I would not have even one single gift. One opens another…and then another.

Please begin!

Blog post: “Come on in. The waters fine!”


I hope I inspire you!

~ Karma

The Law of One,

We all are one