In all today’s “hype” and Woke society, you can find modalities of every type on social media of all kinds. From Instagram and Facebook, to Youtube to Tiktok, there is an inundation of opinion and dogma, tools and modalities of all kinds.

Yoga, plant medicine, singing bowls, drums, Reiki, Tarot, Astrology, Shamanism. It’s all so bright, shiny and new. It is so exciting to see so many people take these practices into the mainstream! It is a joy to me, a stranger in a strange land for SOOOOO many years to finally have company on the road and actual conversations with others about these once secret arcane things.

Once upon a time these practices were “closed” and for good reason. Some still are, and will likely remain so like Conjure, Voodoo, Wicca, Native American, Yoruba…but why was it closed?

There is a huge difference between gate keeping and closed practices. Gate keeping is hoarding of knowledge, so you have to go to that “one”. Closed practices are those in which a culture or a modality is taught in a process within a set of belief systems that correlate. You must know the back story to understand the “why”. In either case, these practices are protected.

Like I said, for good reason. There is a destructive process within the bounds of spiritual practice that cannot, absolutely CAN not be circumvented. The pulling apart and putting back together is a recipe for madness without a strong spiritual practice, and the Crones, Shamans, Wise Women know this.
You wouldn’t give alcohol to a two year old would you? Not a great analogy, but gets the image home of simply “inappropriate” or not wise enough to understand the potential for destruction. So we just say “NO!”.

Finding an intrigue within a culture or a practice is simply Spirit lighting you up and the Medicine calling out to all who will listen. We are in changing and auspicious times! The Heavens are speaking to us, Gaia is crying out for succor and for us to USE the Medicine and bring us back home.

So, how does one find and vet a new practitioner?

Ask questions!

Do not be afraid to ask!

How long have you been in business professionally? (Not how long have you been “Spiritual”?) The two are not one and the same. An established, experienced practitioner should be able to rattle off these answers easily. Look for skirting the question or “dream building” language. If it is too pretty, doesn’t sit well, or makes no “sense” because they are using industry jargon versus plain language, therein is a red flag. Be wary of big promises.

Ask some simple questions on the following. We are not looking for an exact parameter per se, but also HOW they answer as well.

1. Experience: How long have you been in business Beula? Experience is key! Would you want your lifes’ most pressing questions answered by a woman who is trolling the internet with “I’ll read the next 4 people I’m drawn to! DM me!” A practitioner worth their salt would NEVER! And don’t fall for the inbox messages with “Spirit gave me a message for you!” No they did not! This is a ploy to get your money! A gift may be real, but you have to look at what they do with it. Spirit is not an opportunist, It is a magnet.

2/ Referrals: Why not? You’d get a referral for your hair dresser, why not your Psychic or Healer? Ask! Or look for Reviews! It will tell you everything you need to know from longevity to public opinion and how long they’ve been in business. Reviews and referrals tell you they don’t operate in the dark.

3. Pricing: There should be no guesswork. A practitioner with business for any length of time will be able to clearly iterate what cost is and why.

4. Are they “brick and mortar” or working from their living room? One is not better than the other and says nothing about their ability or skill set but will tell you whether they are playing lightly with Spiritual things or taking it on in full embodiment and take it seriously as a way of life.

5. Spiritual background: Ask this also. Why is it important? Because it’s a vibe. They may not want to give you a play by play, however, a strong spiritual practice versus “playing” with new tools is a completely different experience. You don’t need to know the depth but it can be a great guage

6. Ask what tools they use. If this is a reading or psychic session, it is ok to ask what tools they use. Would you be uncomfortable if they used a Ouija board? But perhaps not with Tarot? This is especially important when asking about “Magic”. If someone is doing candle workings, cord cuttings or “other” for a substantial amount of money it is perfectly ok to ask the process and tools. Like, WHY is this costing $500?? Time? Supplies? Ask that!

7. TRUST YOURSELF. If it feels off, it is. If it is someone FOR you, you will feel an affinity you can’t explain and it almost feels like a food craving: Tasty! If you know me at all, you know this is my favorite advice. Learn to trust that inner voice.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk in the World According to Karma. Just my two cents. I hope it helps! I wish you Joy!