Meditation Class: Meditation for the Modern Mystic – Online


12 Week Comprehensive Online Course – Meditation for the Modern Mystic!  Everything you wanted to know about the Chakra System, Mantras, Ohms, Mudras, Techniques, and more.

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Online Comprehensive Meditation Class

Are you looking for practical skills to cultivate mindfulness and quiet overthinking? This Online Comprehensive Meditation Class is the one. This self-paced course dives into the chakra system in a simple yet organized way. The class adds depth with content that not only discusses the basics, but dives deep into scientific ideas.


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Welcome to Meditation for the Modern Mystic! This online, self-paced class delves into the art of meditation, exploring the chakra system and various techniques to enhance your meditation discipline. This journey within offers numerous paths, and we aim to inspire you with diverse methods.


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Course Overview: We start with the basics and progress into a deep understanding of the human experience. You will learn simple techniques and reframes to explore what works best for your unique needs.

Course Sample

The course covers:

Four Foundational Keys to Meditation:

  • Positioning (Alignment)
  • Breat Work (Control)
  • Proprioception (Awareness of the Body)
  • Muscle Memory (Discipline and Routine)
  • Mantras, Ohms, and Mudras
  • Thought Processes and New Perspectives on Plant Medicine, Sacred Sound, Drum Therapy, Ceremony, etc.
  • Mantras, Ohms, and Mudras

Karma at Breathe Salt Room. Class is in session.

Comes with workbooks! 

There are no grades or final exams; this is experiential.

Weekly Courses:  Allowing you to sit with concepts and align with your body’s rhythms. Integration is natural the slower you go. 

Course Features:

  • Systematic Approach: Gain a new perspective on chakras and the energy body. Start with the heart and focus on the lower chakras and shadow work, naturally activating the upper chakras.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Discuss the entire aura system and chakras, complete with behavior matrices and blockage insights.
  • Scientific Comparison: Blend science and spirituality through the study of cymatics, sacred geometry, genetics, and more. Engage in interesting research and extra study suggestions.
  • Terminology: Learn and use common and new energy-related terms, such as Proprioception, to reframe your mindset and create new neural pathways.
  • Techniques: Explore the significance of positioning and breathwork, and the energetic and physiological value of Mantras, Ohms, and Mudras in a modern context.
  • Cutting-Edge Topics: Discuss topics like Plant Medicine, Sacred Sound, and The Ceremonial Drum in a practical, non-judgmental way.


Why Choose This Class? This course is designed to take time. Calming an overactive nervous system requires time, patience, and a bit of discipline. This 12-week course builds upon concepts layer by layer, allowing you to see purpose in your practices. There is no rush; integrate at your own pace, starting with the heart and lower chakras before exploring the higher chakras.

Call to Action: Enroll today and embark on your journey to mindfulness and self-discovery!

I hope you enjoy your journey. As always, I am excited to hear about your discovery!

Caminando! – Walk with me, Karma

See you in class!


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