Natal Astrology Art Commissions


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These channeled pieces are custom crafted with your energy in mind.   The embodiment of the energy with which your Natal Chart speaks, coming out in both color and form.

No two pieces are the same.

Each new energy comes through in an original, magical way.  The utmost care and intention is put into each stroke.

The Astrology structure is Ancient Hellenistic doctrine, utilizing the Ascendant and Descendant Line, MC/IC, and other artistic license to enhance the Helm of the wheel.  Angles, Globes and Aspect lines are measured, yet the signs and houses take on a form of their own with each paintings representation.

Crystals, oils, sound therapy and miscellaneous tools surround the the workspace as your Piece is manifested.  To procure Your Masterpiece, provide the required birth data and select your desired color scheme.

Let's begin!

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Once in A Blue Moon, Nukini White Rose, Galaxy


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