Relationship Strategy Session


Relationship Strategy:

Intimacy takes time. When you go to the gym it takes time to see results. Our relationship deserves just as much attention.  Learn new techniques and language to better communicate and negotiate for your needs.

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Relationship Strategy

There is a strategy to everything.  Why be strategic in your relationship? Love is a battle field, but it doesn't have to be.  Our busy lives cause us to separate ever so slightly.  Use techniques that foster intimacey, cultivate new ways to communicate and open doorways to deepen your relationsip.

Intimacy hacks like open body position, learn to play again, open communication and have some fun!  This strategy session is unlike Therapy or Counseling.  We don't do "story time".  No "he said, she said".  This is a session where we discover some New Earth techniques to get closer to our partener and ignite a sense of play.





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