Proprioception – The Modern Mystics Superpower

Once mastered, Proprioception is the practitioner’s super power. The depth of understanding of how emotions and feelings are processed in the body system is a quantum level Boss-Up. The body is consistently and constantly firing messages to us. When we ignore these messages, like notifications on your phone, they back up and repeat until they are addressed. It’s like when you first turn on your computer and the mouse is working but nothing else. You can do little but wait until your computer finishes processing to access any programs. This is what is happening to your body!

There is plenty of scientific evidence now conducted that talks about the body and its somatic memory processes. In the book “The Body Keeps the Score”, these facts in biological stress responses and trauma memory are researched in depth. It is dense scientific material, however its research explores attachment trauma, abuse and “big” trauma and how it represents itself in the body functions and disease as well as behavioral responses.

If we ignore these responses, we create blockages that present as disease, both physical and mental. Depression (the big D), Anxiety, Insomnia, Anger issues, Avoidance, Disassociation, Difficulty in Sexuality, Communication issues, Difficulty connecting with others and body confidence are just some of the hallmarks of a lack of Proprioception.

Once we clear the messages of pain, discomfort or the body’s needs, we can hone in on the more subtle energetic messages. It is not until we slow down and acknowledge the body and come into alignment with it rather than trying to drive it, we will notice how energy moves through the system. Perception is enhanced and connections are more accessible.

The majority of people come to me with a cry for help, desperately begging for a skill that will help with shutting off the brain and quiet runaway thoughts. This is an impossible task! We can only speak approximately 100-150 words per minute while our brain continues to process information and data at a rate equivalent to 1,500 words or concepts per minute. Not only are we “thinking” we are processing data in every single sensory perception. Filtration gives us a focus primarily on environmental factors such as hunger, pain, or fatigue, joy, pleasure or laughter, heat or cold, fear or safety.

The first assignment in meditation, once positioning is considered and routine, is to concentrate on box breathing and Proprioception. Initially there is no other goal than this. For as long as it takes, we must sit and listen to the body.

The first dozen or so sessions are consumed with comfort and awkwardness. This can be alleviated by taking care of the body’s needs prior to your session. Take care! Spend as much time as you need to meeting your needs. Are you warm enough? Are you hydrated? Does your body need a stretch? Do a body scan and take note of what is speaking to you. Does your back hurt? Your hips or knees? Are you breathing freely? Do you need to eat? Or nap? Are you hungry?

I promise you, you will get no further than this if you do not take heed of the body’s messages. The premise here is an embodiment. Meditation is your tool for listening to what the body needs. Provide every need to your best ability. And make a commitment to honor those needs. This is impeccable self care. There is an added bonus to this practice, because as your subconscious mind listens to what you are telling it, the more you do what you say you will, the quicker the anxiety calms. Further, this engenders a quality of trust with others as well. For if we do not honor our own word, there is a subconscious thread that others may not either.

Take this one step further. Take care of your body’s needs throughout the day. Yoga or stretching helps us sit longer. A solid exercise routine releases pent up chemicals from stress and cortisol build up and creates instead releases of Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin. Take care of your grooming in a way that is care-full. What I mean by that is FULLY care for your body. Slow down and be gentle with yourself. Never skip steps. The more routinely you care for your body in every way, the more trust that flows between Mind, Body and Soul. Take your time! If you have to build more time into your self care, this is a personal commitment that brooks no shortcuts.

Meditation is a discipline. The abc’s come first before we can build words or sentences. These steps are the beginning of your alphabet. Mastering your body through the discipline of meditation allows you to more easily and fluidly comprehend the subtle messages from spirit and energy flow. Once you know your own body, and your own mind, it is a natural consequence to begin to discriminate between what is natural for you and what is an outside influence.

If you take this walk with your body, you will notice the energy body more fully. You will perceive when the heart chakra opens, or is blocked. You will notice the throat chakra opening or closing, feeling as if something is stuck in your throat as the energy narrows when something feels off in communication. Butterflies or an upset stomach talk about anxiety in the room or insecurity, shakes, tension or tetany for someone’s anger or for when you feel unsafe, as well as third eye opening and perception. There is so much more to be had besides mental clarity and mindfulness. Some other possible uses for meditation are Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Accessing Akashic records, attainment of Claire’s (psychic ability), Third Eye Activation, Bliss Body meditation, accessing your guides, Mediumship, Premonitions, Channelling, Kundalini awakening and tantra, seeing sacred geometry and archetypes, Dream interpretation, healing gifts, among many many others.

Once you have a disciplined meditation practice, you can set some clear goals and head for a finer tuning of these abilities. It all begins with discipline and consistency. A little goes a long way. Commit to yourself and you will find that through just a little faith and trust in yourself that you can attain a great many things. Once you have established a routine to fall into regularly, you will find that you not only look forward to meditation, but that you crave it.

Trust yourself, and begin. You cannot fail in this. – Karma