Sacred Sound – Medicine Drum Healing Session


Discover transformative healing with our energy clearing sessions. The science of Sacred Sound paired with the Power of the Medicine Drum help heal trauma, align chakras, and restore your natural energy using a blend of ancient practices and modern science.


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The Medicine of the People: Energy Clearing Sessions

The Ceremony of the Drum: The Medicine of the People Our first human experience is not words but frequency. In the womb, before we encounter light or color, we learn the language of vibration. As our cells divide and form organs and structures, they are surrounded by creation energy, which is frequency.


Creation Energy is Frequency

In every culture known to man, drums have played a pivotal role. Temple drums, war drums, tribal drums—these instruments were central to ancient cultures. Tribal healers used frequency and intent for healing. Today, we see old ways in new ways. The power of the ceremonial drum is recognized as a healing modality.

Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom With modern science, we can now pinpoint frequencies that affect healing. Solfeggio frequencies and binaural beats are used in music to assist brainwave activity, heighten awareness, and promote healing.

Key Components of Our Sessions:

  • Frequency: Each drum is tuned to specific frequencies for targeted activation and healing.
  • Sacred Sound: Utilizing specific frequencies, we laser pinpoint specific chakras and higher chakras, such as the higher heart deep in the throat chakra, for finer attunement.
  • Healing Properties: Each animal hide used in the drum carries specific healing properties. For example, elk can help heal generational trauma.
  • Chakra Alignment: Thematic colors are chosen for chakra alignment. Our Womb Drum Series, made with cowhide, focuses on womb healing.
  • Sigils and Imagery: Symbols, sigils, images, colors, and themes are intentionally crafted into the making of the drum with intention and ritual.
  • Timing: The timing of the drum making is pivotal. We work with astrological events such as the new moon, full moon, eclipses, and specific astral omens to imprint the drum with thematic energy.
  • Activators (Drumsticks): Activators potentiate energy with specific intent, enhancing the animal medicine, changing or bringing in new energy, and subtly shifting energy as needed.
  • Ritual: Each step of the process is carefully planned and executed in a sacred manner to optimize every aspect possible, from setting the container to the purpose of the drum.


Master of Sacred Sound Utilizing drum medicine, singing bowls, rattles, bells, chimes, crystals, and essential oils, our sessions harness the healing properties of sacred sound to heal trauma at a cellular level. We rewrite old programming, return cells to their most natural state, heal chakra blockages, open the heart to vulnerability, correct fear patterns, soothe overthinking, calm anxiety, open chakras from root to crown, and calm the nervous system.

Intentionally Rewrite New Programming with Sacred Sound Experience the ceremonial drum—old ways in new ways! Reach out today to begin your healing journey.


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