Spiritual Mentorship – 12 Weeks of Empowerment


Product Description:

Transform your spiritual journey with Mentorship.  This 90-Day Mentorship is designed to help you achieve your spiritual goals, enhance your meditation practice, and make emotionally intelligent decisions. Learn new techniques, manage overthinking with NLP strategies, and incorporate meaningful rituals into your daily routine.

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Why Spiritual Mentorship?

Spiritual Mentorship is the way of the ancients.  There were always mystery schools and understudies.  We had to walk in the ways to understand the ways and this often took many years or a lifetime. 

Spirituality is a way of life.  


Unpopular opinion, I believe these things can be taught!

In my experience teaching meditation I have watched people flower with new gifts like clairvoyance, empathy or intuition.

I prefer to call these "talents", some are more talented than others but when you have the opportunity to acquire a coach, you change the game. 

We can find a math tutor or a football coach easily, however in Spirituality this is much more difficult as it is a deeply personal journey. 

Spiritual Mentorship Explained

Just to be clear I am not teaching DOGMA, I am teaching techniques!

I am not imparting spiritual information but rather helping you maximize the effectiveness of what you are already doing and level up.  The idea is to enhance the skills and tools on the journey to EMPOWER it without disrupting the journey. 

I aim to empower you to make more emotionally intelligent decisions, confidently take charge of your life's direction, and communicate authentically through giving you new and inventive perspectives. 

People are awakening at an astronomical pace. Diverse healing modalities and sciences are morphing and changing every day.

 It is more important than ever to take our spirituality seriously.  

Preparing for the New Earth

In these changing times, New Earth demands that all things be done in a sacred manner as we move toward an enlightened state. Spiritual Mentorship helps you organize and optimize.

What to Expect in an Empowerment Session:

  • Discuss your baseline and goals.
  • Explore techniques and practices to enhance your spiritual practice.
  • Utilize NLP techniques and reframes to manage overthinking and train your brain.

Mentorship Goals

During mentorship, we will set goals and create an actionable plan. There are tangible steps you can take to improve your spiritual practice:

  • Enhance your meditation techniques.
  • Practice conscious reframing.
  • Institute meaningful rituals.

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