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Tarot - The Empress, High Priestess

This Psychic Reading is a One on One deep dive into complex situations.  This session is ideal for unpacking problems with new perspectives with mple time for discussion and coming up with action steps.  I utilize Tarot, Channeling, Pendulum and Coaching.

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Psychic Reading

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Psychic Readings - Karma On Deck!

The first time someone comes in for a psychic reading, they have a lot of questions.

I am the type of person who likes to answer them.  The goal is to be as informative and insightful as possible.  I try to give as much information as humanly possible by explaining the process as well as the messages.  Sometimes this is pulling back the layers in a reading or asking pointed questions to determine direction.  

The Archetypes of Tarot are my favorite

to use with Psychic Readings due their simplicity.  One of my biggest pet peeves is their misrepresentation in modern media. The Ancients, as far back as Egypt and Mesopotamia, utilized the Tarot as a teaching tool in the Mystery Schools.  Tarot being used for divination came much later and is the form we are familiar with today.  Tarot gets straight to the point in images, so it is easy to demonstrate. 

Pure channeling is wordless and works with concept rather than images. 

This makes archetypes somewhat harder to interpret.  In readings, this is why I rely on the Tarot to inform impressions.

My main psychic gift is Clairvoyance which means that I “see” images through the third eye as impressions and scenarios. Before the cards are even used, I am getting messages.  

Tarot is the bridge... between the conscious and subconscious mind and keeps the reading focused and on track.

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Tarot is designed to trigger innate memories attached to human archetypes.  If you are not already comfortable with the Major Arcana, I will be delighted to explain the structure. 

Sample of my reading style:


 It is common for me to see people, places, events and also blockages in energy, negative attachments and behavior patterns.  

I also rely on my empathy, to flesh out feelings to match with the scenario. The definition of empathy is essentially “I feel what you feel”.  Subtle messages in the body resonate and fluctuations in energy help me further interpretation.  I believe this skill can be taught.  

Being a Mystic with Psychic gifts doesn’t stop me from wanting to prove or explain something. 

This is what led me to explore NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) as a modality.  I felt becoming a practitioner would help me better understand human behavior.  I feel better having skills to share rather than just my opinion!

In this reading we will explore the energetic influences affecting the situation, identify the problem and come up with solutions with whatever tools at my disposal to come up with an action plan.

Scrying with the crystal ball

Photo Shoot Madi aArriaza

What I bring to the session:

  • 34 Years Experience with Tarot and Tarot Instructor
  • Deep Understanding of the Chakra System and energy body to assist with energetic blockages present
  • Experience with human behavior and psychology to unpack what the cards are telling us is driving a situation.
  • Utilize Psychic gifts for Energy Reading - Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Empathy, Energy Balancing
  • Tool box of skill sets for better decision making, understanding your purpose, enhance CONFIDENCE and EMPOWERMENT

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By Appointment at Breathe Salt Room 310 E Tabernacle, St. George Utah, 84770 (435)221-3311 

Breathe Salt Room and a little about Salt:

All about Salt and Halotherapy at Breathe Salt Room


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