Tree of Life Art – Personalized Natal Astrology Painting


Your birth data information charted with a Hellenistic Astrology perspective onto canvas with themes like Tree of Life, On Galaxy Pour, Ocean Sunset themes and pallette changes such as Rose Gold or Black Theme. Personalized Natal Astrology Chart on Canvas – Tree of Life

Tree of Life work in Progress

WIP – the foundation and work in progress


Immerse yourself in the magic of the Tree of Life with a custom painting that uniquely embodies your natal astrology chart. Each piece is channeled and crafted with your personal energy in mind, resulting in a one-of-a-kind artwork that beautifully merges the idea of connected ness both above and below while incorporating the Archetype of The Tree of Life with your Natal Astrology for a truly powerful symbol.  This piece acts like a personal sigil.

Tree of Life Personalized Natal Astrology Painting - Custom Order

Tree of Life - The Archetype of Expansion and Connectedness

See the process on an Instagram Reel I made! I get so excited when I play with a new concept.  The original of this one was an old tree of life painting I had made that I put my son Simon's natal information on.  The Tree of Life seems to embody his personality best so it fit.  I promptly made another as a gift for a friend of mine and I fell in love with making these.  I know you want one.

Reel Tree of Life Once in a Blue Moon

No two paintings are alike. Every creation is a manifestation of new energy, crafted with meticulous care and deep intention. The astrological framework is based on Ancient Hellenistic principles, incorporating the Ascendant and Descendant lines, MC/IC, and other essential elements of your chart. The precise angles, globes, and aspect lines are thoughtfully measured, while the signs and houses take on a distinctive representation in each artwork.

During the creation process, the workspace is infused with crystals, oils, sound therapy, and other tools to enhance the energy of your piece. To commission your unique Tree of Life painting, provide your birth data and choose your desired color palette.

Embark on this journey to create a stunning and meaningful artwork that resonates with your astrological essence. Contact us today to discuss your personalized Tree of Life natal astrology painting!

Take a look at some of the videos of the making of the Tree of Life Natal Astrology Painting:

Tree of Life Natal Astrology Painting

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Once in A Blue Moon, Nukini White Rose, Galaxy


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