Conscious Art – Sacred Geometry Gene Keys


Gene Keys inspired Conscious art on coanvas.  Themes:  Planets in Profile, Golden Path Portal (on black) and The Golden Path on Galaxy Pour. Custom commissioned art poieces with the Activation Sequences in mind!

The Gene Keys Art Sacred Geometry found in the Introduction

The Gene Keys entered my life after a profound period of spiritual integration. After months of purging and recalibrating, I found solace in the Gene Keys, which arrived at a crucial time of fatigue and brain fog. My spiritual journey, deeply connected to my DNA, had been one of patience and faith.

On a transformative Thursday, the Gene Keys found me. I vividly remember opening the book and feeling an immediate spark. I cleared my schedule, saged my space, and prepared for an immersive retreat. Over the next three days, I delved deeply into the Activation, Venus, and Pearl paths, translating the sacred geometry into vibrant art.


My process involved meticulous drawing and color-coding of the golden path's geometry, tracing the Activation, Venus, and Pearl sequences. This visualization sparked connections to biology and inspired me to incorporate I-Ching hexagrams and Sigils into my work. The integration of Venus and astrology further deepened my creative inspiration.

Check out my journey on Tiktok! I doodled and here we are!

This is me...


For three days, I immersed myself in the Gene Keys, creating art that reflected the activation sequences of my Hologenetic Profile. This conscious, intentional art was born from a meditative state, aiming to speak to the subconscious through sacred geometry and Sigils.

The "Black Hole" piece, a canvas with personalized Gene Key numbers, and the "Planets in Profile" piece, inspired by astrology, are examples of this unique art. My final piece, the Gene Key Sacred Geometry, combines elements of the merkaba, Metatron's cube, and the Tree of Life, reflecting hours of contemplation.


These art pieces are designed to cultivate new pathways for the Gene Keys to inhabit, aligning the subconscious with new programming through powerful imagery. I invite you to explore these pieces and commission custom natal astrology paintings personalized with Hellenistic Astrology perspectives. Each piece is made to your specifications, aiming to activate and transform your spiritual journey.



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